A bone-chilling case of animal cruelty has rocked the community in Hummingbird Lane in Ville Platte. A local woman accused a 23-year-old man named Joseph Lane Bergeon of brutally abusing and murdering her 3-month-old puppy.

The woman claims that Joseph, her friend’s boyfriend, was visiting her residence when he got violently angry at the puppy for nipping their son on the finger. In a fit of rage, Joseph punched the puppy and slammed him on the concrete repeatedly, ultimately causing the puppy’s death.

Joseph further threw the dead puppy in the back of his truck and drove off. The police managed to nab Joseph and have charged him with animal cruelty. He was arrested without incident and booked into the Ville Platte City Jail, with a bond set at $500. The woman, however, remains in a state of shock at the loss of her beloved puppy.

Meanwhile, police chief Lartigue has encouraged citizens to come forward with complaints of any suspicious or illegal activity by reaching out to the Ville Platte Police Department anonymously at 363-1313. We hope that Joseph receives appropriate punishment for his brutal crime.

Click the video below to watch the report on the brutal killing of the puppy.

Source: KLFY News 10

Source: candyrosenbaum/Morguefile

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