Sometimes out dogs like us can have impairments too, like this dog, called Valcor, he is deaf but we, like many others, know that he will undoubtedly make up for his impairment in many other ways…
As people pass his kennel in the shelter they notice immediately how many blankets he has; that and his striking blue eyes.

This pitbull is very eager to give kisses and being young, 3-years-young, he could have a very promising life ahead of him with a loving owner to rescue him.

He was sadly born deaf, so he never had the experience of hearing at all. Valcor has found his comforts in all things soft and fluffy and his blankies have become super important to him.

Now after he was surrendered to the Animal Friends of the Valleys (AFV) shelter in Wildomar, California; over the Thanksgiving period, his fluffy blankets really are his security.

Valcor was dropped at the shelter from his previous owner who quite categorically told the shelter he really needs his soft blankets to make him feel happy and secure.