Too often we read tragic stories like this one. But if we ignore them, they do not go away. Reading and sharing create vigilance. If people didn’t keep their eyes open, then maybe Ollie-Loo would still be living in a pile of trash.

Ollie-Loo’s family decided he wasn’t worth it– when they packed up and moved away. He would remain behind for reasons we will never understand. Sadly, the pup sat amid the trash pile on the curb of his home, waiting. To keep warm, he curled up on a discarded recliner. Maybe he thought they were coming back for him. We will never know for sure what goes through a loyal dog’s mind.

Neighbors did mention that the family was evicted but they did return for another dog, a younger puppy. But left Ollie there. The dog was surely heartbroken and confused.

A volunteer, Terri Looby, with Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) was on a call about a different dog when she saw Ollie, frightened and alone. Looby told News13: