These innocent babies hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. The puppies were saved from the horrors of the busy freeway and taken to the hospital. But sadly, one of them didn’t survive. The other siblings are being bottle-fed and kept warm in soft blankets.

The puppies will be placed in a temporary foster, till their health stabilizes. Meanwhile, a cruelty report has been filed, and investigators are on the look-out for the perpetrator of this inhumane act. Charges of animal cruelty await this sadistic person.

Animal cruelty investigators have urged people to keep an eye out for such cases of animal cruelty or abandonment. Any such incident can be reported at (832) 927-PAWS, or online via Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce.

Click the video below to watch the heart-breaking story of the little puppies who were tossed out of the car window.

This morning one of our Harris County Animal Cruelty Investigators responded to a call from a citizen who reported a bag of puppies being dumped from a car window on to the side of the road (south of 99 off of Old Mueschke Rd.). A cruelty report was filed and we are looking for more information from anyone who may have witnessed the action. The cold and starving puppies were brought to Harris County Animal Shelter and will be placed in temporary cruelty foster.If you witness animal abandonment, please take action by filing a cruelty report at (832) 927-PAWS or Provide video and photo documentation if possible.

Posted by Harris County Animal Shelter on Thursday, January 31, 2019