Pit Bulls and ex-convicts suffer some of the worst reputations around. This gave Tia Torres (from the hit Animal Planet show Pit Bulls and Parolees) the perfect idea. She thought – why not pair abandoned and unwanted Pit Bulls with parolees and ex-convicts!

The dogs and ex-cons might be judged by most of society, but they don’t judge each other. They end up teaching each other compassion, responsibility, and love. That’s the kind of rehabilitation we need in our society.

Ellen invited Tia on her show recently, and Tia decided to bring along Snorkie, a Pit Bull who’s been looking for a forever home for years now. The loveable Pittie patiently sat and stared Ellen into giving him more treats. The audience were so distracted by him that Tia had to take repeated breaks in her interview so the audience got the time to admire him.

This Pittie sure won everyone’s hearts and stole the show! We hope he gets adopted soon. Click the video below to watch Snorkie’s adorableness on The Ellen Show!

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