In an unfortunate turn of events, a man from Henry County, Georgia, has escaped charges after slitting a neighborhood dog’s throat. His excuse was that he was “scared” of the unleashed dog. The Golden Retriever named Nala leaves behind a grieving family and an orphaned litter of 3-week-old puppies.

The man felt threatened by the barking dog running towards him. He immediately pulled out his knife and killed her, even though she wasn’t attacking him. He claims that he simply followed his instincts to save himself. Georgia Police and Animal Control claim that their ‘hands are tied’ as the dog was unleashed.

Nala’s family is heartbroken by the lack of justice for their kind and gentle dog. The only reason she was unleashed was to make it easy for her to nurse her tiny puppies in the garage. The family also feels enraged at how the man disrespectfully left Nala to bleed to death and kept walking along with his wife nonchalantly.