A dog who spent his whole life on a chain owes his freedom to a stranger who saw him and was determined not to give up. But it was how he reacted after he was set free that had his rescuers crying tears of joy.

What follows is the heartwarming rescue story of a woman who says she had the most amazing experience spending two months working to make this dog’s life better.

Peanut was chained up and had a dirty shack to call home. He only got noticed after his dog house became visible from the parking lot of the local bar when part of his owner’s fence fell.

People called their local humane society for help, but none came. Russelline Steinbuhler was one of them. Determined to help the dog, Russelline contacted a rescue that helps chained dogs and asked them to come.

“They said they couldn’t come that far out of their area but they would help and guide me financially and emotionally,” she wrote.

With the help of two of her local rescues – Hope for Erie Animal Wellness and Critter Camp and Cuts – Russelline was able to make Peanut’s life more comfortable.

“They were amazing giving new house, light weight tether, more comfortable collar…” Gone was Peanut’s heavy chain.