The volunteers of the animal rescue organizations receive calls about animals in need on a daily basis. Although they answer all of them, they never know the actual condition in which the poor creatures are in, nor they can assume what they will stumble upon.

A recent rescue of a pit bull left everyone in shock.
It was obvious the poor pup was suffering, but what shook the rescuers to the core is that the dog wasn’t alone.

The pit bull was emaciated and it was obvious she hadn’t eaten in days. Weak, and starving, she was waiting for someone to come along and give her a new lease on life.

Above all, she was scared because she was surrounded by creatures from another kind. They didn’t only terrify the poor dog, but the people who were about to approach the dog and take it out of that horrible place and the giant flock of vultures.

These birds sense when someone is on the verge of death and that was exactly what this dog’s destiny would be if it wasn’t for the rescuers who knew they should act really fast.

Everyone felt a sigh of relief when the dog was finally in their hands. Still shaking and timid, the dog was about to start her new life, hopefully around people that will love her to the moon and back.