Everyone thought that he was a bully at first…
Pit bulls are often labeled wrongly as a ‘dangerous’ and ‘aggressive’ breed. When asked, many people would straightaway assume that any pit bull is aggressive by nature, giving them a notorious reputation.

But in actual fact, pit bulls are just like any other breed and are simply misunderstood. Take this pit bull named Big Boo for example. On March 31, Big Boo was found as a stray by Greenville Animal Control and brought to their shelter. Like many other dogs, Big Boo was confused and disorientated when he arrived there.

Not knowing how to deal with his fear and the lack of help caused Big Boo to become reclusive during his stay at the shelter. A veterinarian from Vet Ranch named Karri McCreary soon heard about Big Boo and decided to pay him a visit. When she saw Big Boo, she was heartbroken to see how uncomfortable and sad he looked.

To help Big Boo to adjust to shelter life, McCreary gave him a blue blanket for some comfort. Once Big Boo received the blanket, he immediately began to play and cuddle with it. McCreary later shared a photo of Big Boo cuddling up to his new blanket on Facebook, which quickly garnered a lot of response from netizens who wanted to adopt him.

Just a few days after, Big Boo had successfully found a forever home and a loving family to spoil him rotten. There are other animals like Big Boo who need your help to find a forever home. Adopt, not shop!

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